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Simple house maintenance tasks you can do yourself

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The only real way to prevent a house from getting too out of hand is to regularly maintain it. Catching things like leaks and breakages early stops small problems from getting worse. To avoid a snowball effect, regular maintenance is crucial.

Here are a few simple maintenance tasks you can do yourself to affordably keep up with your house:

  • Replace furnace filters. This is as simple as taking the old filter out and putting a new one in. Regularly replacing filters increases the lifespan of your HVAC system.
  • Check and replace smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Although these can last 5-10 years, they should still be checked for operation.
  • Test GFCI outlets. It’s as simple as pushing a button, and important to do to prevent big risks.
  • Remove lint from dryer vents to reduce the risk of fire.
  • Check vanities, sinks, toilets, tubs, and showers for water leaks. If there is a leak, you may need to redo the caulk lines. Proper caulking prevents moisture from getting through, increasing the lifespan of your structure and components.
  • Repair or replace torn window screens. This helps prevent pests from entering the house.
  • Check the attic for signs of leaking or a deteriorating roof. If the roof is failing, everything else will start failing shortly thereafter.
  • Clean the roof and gutters. Leaves and dirt can accumulate in the valleys and cause water to enter where it shouldn’t. While you’re there, replace broken tile or shingles because these also let water through.
  • Spray the perimeter of the house, and maybe even interior portions, to prevent bugs like spiders from entering.
  • Deal with pests like rats immediately. Not only do they make a mess, but they may chew through wire, which can be costly to fix.
  • Prune trees and bushes, especially when they are close to the house and roof. These can damage your tiles or shingles, and even provide a way for pests to enter your attic.
  • Clean your fireplace and chimney. Excessive creosote buildup is a fire hazard.
  • Flush your water heater tank regularly to increase its life span.
  • Lay down new mulch to prevent weeds from taking over.

If the house has already gotten out of hand, it may be hard to sell on-market. We buy houses as-is, off-market. Reach out if you’re interested in selling!

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