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Easily fix broken roof tile

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When selling your house, an inspection may reveal that you have broken roof tile. Because broken tile can lead to leaks and roof damage, buyers will want it fixed. It’s possible to hire a roofing professional to fix it (possibly even the roof inspector), but doing it yourself will save money. If you are able to work safely and have a few common tools, the job is straightforward.

  1. Safety First: Before you begin, make sure you are using proper safety equipment, which can include non-slip shoes, gloves, and a ladder. Make sure that the roof is dry and stable to walk on.
  2. Identify the Broken Tile: Climb up on the roof and visually inspect it to find the broken tile. If you have an inspection report, it may also have pictures of the broken tile.
  3. Obtain replacement tile: Once you know how many pieces of tile you need, you can call around to source it. It may be a good idea to get a few extra pieces.
  4. Replace it: If the broken tile is standard in shape, you can simply replace it as shown in the below video. Some of the tile may be nailed down so make sure you have a pry bar or other way to remove the nails. Then, you will need a hammer to nail the new tile in place. If the broken tile is in a valley and not standard in shape, you may need a grinder or tile cutter to cut the tile to size.

And that’s it! With these steps, you should be able to replace broken roof tile cheaply and easily. However, if you are unsure or uncomfortable in any way, it is best to have someone else do it.

And if the roof is in very bad shape and needs to be replaced, we may be able to buy the house! Contact us to see what we can do for you.

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