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How We Can Pay You

Cover Fees

In all cases, we cover the miscellaneous fees that may be part of the transaction. You already save about 6% because you’re not paying a real estate agent commission, but you also potentially save on transfer and recording fees, title insurance fees, and other fees that may total 2-4%.


Cash is generally the most desirable for sellers since it is convenient and gives them options.

Selling a house for cash can put a lot of money in your hands. However, this comes with significant tax implications which you need to be ready for. Also, money loses value if it simply sits in an account, so you should have a plan for using or investing it.

Seller Financing

If you want to sell for more money than may be available with a cash offer, consider this approach. Here, you are the bank. You collect monthly payments of a specified amount for a specified period of time. You don’t have to worry as much about tax implications since your income is spread out over time, and you don’t have to worry as much about investing since you may already be earning interest.

Seller financing works best if you own the house outright.

Subject To

With this approach, we buy the house by making payments on your loan. If the house is underwater (you owe more than it’s worth) or if there is not enough equity in it (selling would eat away all your profit), we may still be able to buy it!

By keeping your mortgage in place, we do not have to go out and raise new money. You are freed from the house and have a performing loan in your name.

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