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Commission and Fee Savings Calculator

Estimate how much you can save by selling your house to us, compared with a traditional sale using a real estate agent. If you like what you see, contact us to receive a no-obligation cash offer.

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How To Use the Calculator


  • Sale Price: Enter the value of your house, or the amount you would like to sell it for. Here’s a quick estimate. This amount may also represent what you would receive in a traditional sale (before paying an agent commission).
  • Commission Rate: This is the total amount, taken out of the sale price, that a seller pays in commissions to the seller’s and buyer’s agents. A reasonable estimate is 5-6%.
  • Recording fees, title insurance, etc.: These are fees paid by one or both parties to close a transaction. They are called closing costs and typically include things like recording fees, title insurance, and transfer taxes. A reasonable estimate is 2-4%.


  • Total Saved: The amount, based on the percentages of the sale price, that you save by not having to pay commissions and fees.

Benefits of Selling to Us

Our commission and fee savings calculator provides a clear picture of the built-in savings that come from selling to us. These savings are available because no agents are involved, and we cover all fees. Although we can’t pay full retail price in many situations, our offers are still attractive because whatever amount we agree to goes to you and not commissions and fees. Contact us if you have any questions. We would be happy to help!

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