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Sell Your House Fast!

Sell your Sacramento house as-is, with no repairs, cleanouts, or showings. Close on your timeline and pay no fees.

Why sell your Sacramento house to us

We have strategies to solve your problem in unique ways. Do you need an income stream? We can give you monthly payments, with interest. Quick cash or debt relief? We can buy all cash, advance cash, or take over payments. Even if you don’t want to sell right now? Yes, we can take an “option” to buy.

We also buy as-is so you don’t have to fix or clean anything up, and we pay all fees so you don’t come out of pocket.

Consider us for situations like these and more:

Property needs significant repairs

Financial hardship such as foreclosure

Vacant or problematic rental

Relocating due to a sudden life event

Too expensive to keep

Inherited property

Safety concerns with the property

Downsizing, relocating, or seeking income due to retirement

Cashing out of the real estate market

How it works

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You fill out a form. We contact you to gather information about your Sacramento house and situation.

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We dig in to figure out all the ways we can help, and then present you with your options at no obligation.

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You decide how you want to proceed, and we close on the transaction. It’s that simple!

Options for selling in Sacramento

Although many people like selling for cash, others prefer receiving monthly payments or even letting us take over their payments. We can tailor how you’re paid to your specific needs.

How much will you pay for my house?

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That depends on the type of payment – if you need all cash, it will be an amount that gives an investor a chance to make a reasonable profit on the house after fixing it up. If you need an income stream, the amount can be relatively high as long as it is balanced by the interest rate. Everything is very case-by-case, depending on the condition of the property and your particular situation.

How much will it cost me to sell my house?

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Since we cover all fees, sellers have ZERO out of pocket costs. We also catch up arrears and provide down payments in many situations.

What kinds of options will you give me?

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There are many ways to handle any given situation. One option will be a lump-sum cash offer. Another option may be paying you over time, with interest. You also have the options of listing your house on-market as-is, or fixing it up and then listing it. These options don’t actually require our services, but we think it is important you know about them so that you can make the best decision for yourself. We will provide education on all options, and there is never any obligation to proceed.

How quickly can I sell in Sacramento?

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We allow you to choose the closing date, which can be as soon as one week away or as late as months away. Depending on the circumstances, almost anything is possible.

Do I need to show my house?

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You will NOT need to hold an open house or prepare in any way. You can even leave anything behind after you sell! However, since we are local, we will try to come see the house in person. This helps us assess the situation and present you with accurate information.

Areas We Serve

We are based in Elk Grove, CA, but we service all of California and are able to provide some service in the rest of the country as well. Behind on payments in San Francisco? Let’s talk. Need significant renovations on a house in Fresno? We can help. Got a new job and need to leave Los Angeles? At your service. Cashing out of the market in Sacramento? We’re ready.

We can buy your house in these and other areas as well:

Why we love Sacramento, CA


There is a lot going for Sacramento in the way of arts and culture. It is the state capitol, which provides a lot of political and historical interest. Its Gold Rush legacy is preserved in its historic Old Sacramento district, and its many museums (Crocker Art Museum, California Railroad Museum, etc.) provide abundant entertainment and educational opportunities. Sacramento is dubbed “America’s Farm-to-Fork Capital” due to its agricultural roots and abundance of local farms, farmer’s markets, and restaurants which focus on locally-sourced ingredients. There is plenty of opportunity for outdoor activity, including on the American River Parkway and nearby lakes and hiking destinations. Professional sports teams include the Sacramento Kings, River Cats, Republic FC, and Sacramento State Hornets. The Sacramento Area can provide any lifestyle that people desire, whether it is urban, sub-urban, or rural, all in the capitol area of the country’s most populous state.

Real Estate

The Sacramento Area is in high demand with large net migration from Bay Area cities like San Francisco. Affordability is not prohibitive, especially since housing is cheaper than the areas people are leaving, and desirable growth rates are expected. Crime is relatively low, and proximity to the Bay Area and Tahoe are pluses.

Let’s work together


Fix the property up, hold open houses, wait an indefinite amount of time for the right offer, and then pay around 6% in agent commissions.

Sell your Sacramento house as-is, with no repairs, cleanouts, or showings. Close on your timeline and pay no fees.

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