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Why can you sell your house to an investor so quickly?

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Simply put, selling to an investor eliminates many of the steps involved in a traditional home sale. For example:

  • Renovation: Depending on the types of repairs needed to make a house market-ready, this step could take weeks to months. Since an investor can buy AS-IS, there is no renovation time!
  • Marketing: There is no need to spend the time and resources on staging the property, taking pictures, listing it, and holding open houses.
  • Inspections: Still necessary (most of the time), but can usually be done faster by the investor or their associates.
  • Appraisal: There is no need for a professional appraisal because banks are not involved. Investors will often buy with cash.
  • Negotiations: Since negotiations are directly between the buyer and seller (not from the buyer to an agent to another agent to the seller), they can move faster.

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