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Should I Buy or Rent in Sacramento, CA? (November 2023)

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The Sacramento, CA housing market towards the end of 2023 presents an intriguing choice for individuals and families considering whether to buy or rent. This blog post provides some relevant market data to aid in making an informed decision.

Current Housing Market in Sacramento

As of late 2023, Sacramento’s housing market shows varied trends. Here’s a snapshot:

  1. Home Prices: Although median sales prices are trending down month-to-month, likely due to the seasonality of real estate, prices are up by 3.4% when compared to the same time last year.
  2. Market Competitiveness: The market scored 86 out of 100 on competitiveness, highlighting its vigorous nature​​. Homes are selling faster than the previous year, with the average time on market dropping from 27 to 13 days.
  3. Inventory: Prices are relatively stable despite increased interest rates this winter due in part to the relatively low supply of houses.

Rental Market in Sacramento

Turning to the rental scenario:

  1. Average Rent: At $1477/month, the average rent is slightly lower compared to last year.

Analysis: Buying vs. Renting

Buying a Home in Sacramento: Pros and Cons


  • Stability in home prices suggests a less volatile market.
  • Owning property can be a long-term investment.
  • Potential for home value appreciation because of price stability despite interest rate increases.


  • High competitiveness in the market might lead to bidding wars.
  • Requires substantial upfront investment (down payment, closing costs).
  • Additional expenses like property taxes, maintenance, and insurance.

Renting in Sacramento: Pros and Cons


  • Lower rents than last year.
  • No maintenance or property tax responsibilities.
  • Lower upfront costs compared to buying.


  • No equity potential
  • Subject to annual rent increases and lease terms.


Deciding whether to buy or rent in Sacramento depends on individual circumstances, financial stability, and long-term goals. For those seeking investment and stability, buying might be a good option, as long as affordability is not prohibitive. Renting, however, offers more flexibility and less financial burden up front, especially due to decreasing rents compared to last year. Prospective buyers or renters should consider personal financial situations, potential market changes, and lifestyle preferences before making this significant decision.

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