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Selling an inherited property as-is

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After her uncle’s death, Alicia learned that she inherited his house. Alicia barely knew her uncle, who lived two states away from her, and she had never even seen the house. With no sentimental attachment to it, and no need for a house in a different state, Alicia decided to sell. 

The house was in need of repairs, but Alicia did not want to invest the time and money necessary to fix it up.  Instead, she chose to list it on the market, as-is, with a local real estate agent. There was some interest in the house, but no one ended up making an offer. As time went on, Alicia began to get frustrated. Her agent suggested making some repairs to make the house more attractive to buyers, but Alicia did not have much money on hand and did not want to get a loan.

Then, an investor came along who was looking for a fixer-upper and was willing to pay a reasonable price. He was happy to take on the repairs and updates himself, and was able to close on the deal within weeks.

Alicia was relieved that she was able to sell the house without spending any time or money on repairs. While she may not have gotten the highest price, she didn’t have to get the house market-ready and was able to sell it quickly and easily. 

If you are in a similar situation to Alicia, feel free to contact us to see what we can do for you!

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