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Saving Money on Your Rental Property Floor Renovation

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When it comes to renovating a rental property, cost-saving measures are often a top priority for owners. To cut costs, many property owners opt to lay new floors on top of the existing ones, using quarter round moulding to bridge the gap between the flooring and baseboards. However, this approach can result in an unattractive finish. In this article, we will explore a practical solution to elevate the aesthetic appeal of floor renovations while keeping expenses in check: using a moulding that complements your baseboards.

Understanding the Dilemma

The decision to layer new floors over the existing ones is often driven by the significant cost and effort associated with removing the old floors and redoing the baseboards. Layering floors allows property owners to achieve a fresh look while saving time and money. However, the generic quarter round moulding used most often to finish off the floors can detract from the overall appearance of the room.

The Importance of Cohesion

To create a visually appealing finish with a floor renovation, it is crucial to consider the cohesion between the moulding, baseboards, and flooring. By carefully selecting a moulding profile that complements the baseboards, you can seamlessly integrate the new flooring into the existing design scheme. This approach will make the moulding look like an intentional design element rather than an afterthought, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the room.

Choosing the Right Moulding

When selecting the moulding for your floor renovation, it is essential to consider the profile of the baseboards. This will help you identify a suitable quarter round, shoe moulding, or ornamental moulding shape that matches the existing design elements. By opting for a moulding that harmonizes with the baseboards, you can achieve a cohesive and sophisticated look.

Finishing Touches

While selecting the right moulding is crucial, it’s equally important to complete the transformation by making sure the baseboards and moulding are painted to match.


When renovating floors in a rental property, it’s important to find ways to save money while still achieving an attractive result. However, the generic quarter round moulding that is often used can result in an unattractive finish. By selecting a moulding shape that complements the baseboards, you can get away with layering the floors and still achieve an aesthetically pleasing result.

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