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How to Avoid Turning Off Homebuyers

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There are some things that make it significantly harder to sell a house. If your house has any of the below issues, seriously consider changing them before listing the house for sale.

  1. Poor visuals: Whether its the outside or inside of the house, dirtiness, clutter, wear and tear, and poor lighting turn buyers off. And since people assume the inside of the house is like the outside, many may not even come inside if they don’t like how the outside looks.
  2. Outdated kitchen and bathrooms: Kitchens and bathrooms are key selling points because they can make a buyer fall in love with the house, leading to a higher sales price. But if your kitchen and bathrooms are outdated, buyers may walk away with negative emotions and won’t be willing to offer as much.
  3. Carpet in the bathrooms: It’s not just wetness from the toilet that people are worried about, but any kind of water on carpet leads to pests and bad smells.
  4. Bad smells: Many people find the smell of cigarette or other smoke repulsive, and even DIYers are turned off because getting rid of the smell can be costly.
  5. Safety hazards: If your house has any safety hazards like exposed electrical wiring or broken windows, buyers are going to worry.
  6. Signs of pests or insects: If people see signs of pests like rats, spiders, and termites, they are going to want to avoid the headache.
  7. Too many cameras: Having a Ring doorbell makes sense, but adding too many cameras around the house can make it feel creepy.

As you can see, for the best chance to sell your house, it’s important to correct all potential problems and to pay attention to the homebuyer’s emotions.

Of course, this is not always possible. If your house has any of these issues and you are having trouble selling it, another option is to sell to someone like us. We buy homes as-is and cover all the fees associated with selling. If you’d like to see what we can do for you, reach out!

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