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Documents needed to sell your house

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The documents you may need to sell your house will vary by location, but generally include:

  • Mortgage loan documents (if applicable) – including the amount needed to pay off your loan
  • Deed or title to the property – to prove ownership
  • Survey or plot plan of the property – to identify the property
  • Property tax bill – helps buyer calculate costs
  • Homeowner’s insurance records – helps buyer calculate costs and provides a measure of transparency
  • Disclosure documents (lead paint disclosure, etc.) – letting the buyer know about defects you are aware of
  • Any permits or certificates for renovations or additions to the property – to track the work, code compliance, etc.
  • HOA documents (if applicable) – helps buyer calculate costs
  • Any lease agreements, or documents related to any liens or judgments against the property – helps buyer calculate income and costs
  • Purchase and sale agreement, including addenda and contingencies – spells out all the terms

This list is not exhaustive, and you should check with a local real estate agent or attorney for a complete and specific list of documents needed to sell your house.

If your buyer is an investor, they may not care about some of this paperwork, which can make the process simpler. Contact us if you’re considering selling to an investor!

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